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Dental Implants

The importance of replacing missing teeth Dental Implants Waterloo ON Just because you lost a tooth doesn’t mean you should lose your beautiful smile. Bayley Dental in Waterloo, ON, is proud to provide a variety of excellent solutions. For most patients, dental implants are the preferred option. This technique replicates the natural tooth anatomy, for optimal appearance and functionality.

The importance of replacing missing teeth

The loss of one or more teeth is not simply a cosmetic concern. Without treatment, it can have several negative impacts to your health and quality of life, including:
  • Difficulty chewing, and inability to eat certain food
  • Deterioration of bone
  • Unclear speech, or even the inability to produce certain sounds
  • Increased risk of periodontal disease
  • Increased risk of decay to remaining teeth
  • Shifting of other teeth, as they lean toward to gap

Why choose implants

Dentures or crown-and-bridgework replace the visible parts of teeth. However, they don’t address the problem of lost roots. Dental implants replace tooth roots, and act as a foundation for specially designed prosthetics. Implants replicate the function of actual roots, helping to prevent the bone loss that typically accompanies tooth loss.

About the implant procedure

We begin with a consultation and examination to assess your needs and create a customized treatment plan. If you have lost a single tooth, it can be replaced with one implant topped by a crown. If you have lost more than one tooth, you can get multiple implants: a bridge that fills the gap or a removable denture that attaches to implant posts.

The implant procedure is completed in several phases. The process begins with a minor oral surgery, during which the implants are placed in the bone. After a healing period of several weeks, the final restoration is attached to the implants. If you think that dental implants may be the right choice for you, please call Bayley Dental at 226.270.1330 and schedule an appointment.