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Resolve Teeth Grinding Issues with a Protective Mouthguard

Protective Mouth Guards Near Me In Waterloo ON

Bruxism, also called nighttime teeth grinding, is a common dental problem affecting people of all ages, many of whom are unaware they have this issue. People who unconsciously grind their teeth at night often wake up with headaches, sore jaw muscles, and worn-down teeth. Dental mouthguards provide a practical means of protecting your teeth against the effects of teeth grinding. You can learn more about protective mouthguards from your Waterloo, Ontario dentist at Bayley Dental. Symptoms of Teeth Grinding Most people who suffer from bruxism aren’t aware of their condition until their dentist points out the telltale signs on their … Continue reading

Custom made mouth guards in Waterloo, ON offer optimal protection from sports injuries

Custom Made Mouth Guards at Bayley Dental in Waterloo ON Area

Organized sports are a great way to stay healthy and active while also fostering friendships and important life skills. While many people think of helmets, protective pads, and other safety equipment as an important component of staying healthy while playing sports, mouth guards play an equally important role! At Bayley Dental, we offer Waterloo, ON area kids and adults custom made mouth guards that offer optimal protection and comfort to preserve their natural smiles. Benefits of getting a custom mouth guard With many over-the-counter mouth guard options available, you may be wondering why you should invest in a custom mouth … Continue reading

Dental mouth guard center in Waterloo, ON offers professional grade oral appliances

At Bayley Dental in Waterloo, ON, offers professional grade oral appliancesr

At Bayley Dental in Waterloo, ON, our team of professionals provide quality care in our dedicated oral health care center. We offer general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as preventative care with the use of dental mouth guards. WHAT IS A MOUTH GUARD? A mouth guard is a special oral appliance that is worn to protect the smile. At Bayley Dental, we offer professional-grade products that are made of high quality acrylics and are custom-made to fit precisely as they should for the best functionality. Would you step out onto the field without your helmet? Would you forget knee pads? Of course not! So … Continue reading